Diamonds- Natural Beauty created with unconventional methods. While they spark curiosity, the dawn of awareness regarding the environment catches them. Clear conscience gives buyers clarity of which diamond would be more beneficial. Lab-grown diamonds are aesthetically and chemically similar to their organic counterparts. In the era of fast-growing technology, we have managed to democratise the idea of diamonds, make it sustainable and ensure that we customise it to perfection for all. Shine, Sparkle and Stun are parameters for us, but standard diamond grading is rated from Excellent to Poor. Are we ready to explore the wonderful opportunities with lab grown diamonds?Let us travel in time and see what lies ahead for these gemstones, from the past to the future!


  • In ancient times, diamonds were a symbol of hierarchy. Often worn as crowns and tiaras, they were a priceless commodity only designed and worn by royal families. A surprising fact is that the first diamond procured was in India itself! The Kohinoor itself was tragically associated with blood loss and known to be the diamond with the most tragic history. Thus, the advent of lab-grown diamonds started in 1797. 
  • Many jewellers claimed that they were fake and were not up to the standards. As technology became more sophisticated, lab-grown diamonds started to receive the same certification received by organic diamonds. It inspired a revolution of custom made lab-grown diamonds. General Electric began it for industrial purposes, but it was soon scaled to make jewellery and coloured diamonds.


  • After being shunned for 60 years, it is a moment of pride as lab diamonds are increasingly popular! The social construct has now changed in lieu of environmental standards and protection, thus showcasing a massive change in consumers’ consumption of products. 
  • Modern manufacturing technology consists of two methods: Chemical Vapour Deposition(CVD) and High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT). This way, diamonds are cultured with the required rarity and with the most preferred clarity, VS2. State of the art technologies give rise to better flawless diamonds (IF) and the desired carat, 1.00 carat. The scalable technology has enhanced the pricing guide enormously, making it more cost-effective.
  • Covid-19 and the pandemic have seen a rise in the sales of lab-grown diamonds. Diamonds undergo assessment based on the following factors: growth of competitors and new variants, negotiation by suppliers, new developing threats and the consumer base. Lab Diamonds manufacturers anticipate reducing our carbon footprint by a shocking 10%!
  • These diamonds remain forever, as nothing damages their brilliance and brightness over time. Their thermal,optical and chemical stability leave them looking as alluring as ever.Every one of these diamonds have their own stories to tell, as they conform to an experience from a carbon molecule to a glowing and glistening diamond. 


  • The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) has been estimated to be 9.4% annually. North America has taken the lead, with the Asia-Pacific following right after. The qualitative insights show potential and niche segments with favourable and compounding growth. While lab-grown diamonds have various industrial purposes, the most prominent is the diamond industry. The addition of multiple gases makes mesmerising colours, as natural diamonds cannot achieve the same.
  • Personalised selections and better options are the top of the choices made by buyers, and lab diamonds tick and fulfil them all. Shapes can be personalised as well. The round shape is the most sought after with an oval and princess cut right after it. Every facet of this shape glows as light refracts through it, revealing its sunning brilliance. The Marquise diamonds are also well known, as they cost less than other designs due to less diamond wastage as well. 
  • What one must decide while choosing, is to ensure a balance between shape,cut and carat. The synergy of the three grants an ethereal look to the diamond. An Asscher shape also gives a sophisticated shape despite an intriguing octagonal shape. Shine and glamour are certainly established with these shapes in a design that can also be defined as mystifying. 
  • It is time that we realise that the era of the mining industry has come to an end. The unsustainable prices and practices are no longer viable, so we must look forward. Lab-grown diamonds are just as unique, each one portraying your definition of love, care and beauty. Grow love with custom choices, environmentally friendly methods, and a diamond cultivated just for you. 

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