Help finding a Trillion Cut Diamond


From: JS
> Via Diamond Concierge Service
> Type: Natural Diamond
> Cut: Trillion
> Carat: from 1 ct to 1.5 ct
> Color Range: Colorless (D-E-F)
> Clarity: VS1-VS2
> Message: Hi, looking for a trillion diamond, G or better, eye-clean (would take an SI1/2 in a pinch) in the ~1-1.5ct range. Hoping for a side length very close to 8mm (9mm is too big, 7mm is too small), very symmetric/equilateral sides.
> Very importantly, want to get as close as I can to a geometric, straight-sided triangular diamonds — many trillions have very curved sides, which I think detract greatly from the aesthetic effect. Will be setting this in a gold, three-prong setting.


Hi JS, 

I am very happy to report that I have been able to find a diamond which I believe is very close to your requirements:

1.07 Carats, Triangle Diamond with Cut, G Color, SI1 Clarity and Certified by GIA $3,970 USD

As you may wonder what my second choice would be I am including the diamond that I would rank second:

1.10 Carat, Triangle Diamond with Cut, F Color, IF Clarity and Certified by GIA $5,445
This second one has Strong Blue fluorescence however I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss it for that reason as Diamonds-USA does not stock fluorescent diamonds that produce a milky look.

Anyway I believe the first one checks all the boxes.
Let me know what you think.

-Thomas J Stevens

Hi Thomas, 
I find the first very encouraging — as you say, it checks almost all my boxes, and looks stunning — absolutely love the symmetry and the stark straightness of the side, and think it’s a much better per-carat value that I’ve seen in-person here where I live. 
My one hangup is the table size — I was shown, which looks almost identical in terms of table dimensions (if even a hair smaller), and got the impression it was too large at 9mm on its longest dimension. That said, its sides were not as straight as the stone you’ve found, which might impact the perception of size — and I know there’s slim pickings in terms of trilliant solitaires that meet my criteria. 
I’ll think on this one for a bit — in the meantime, if there’s anything that crosses your desk ~8mm rather than 9mm (even if higher in price), please let me know. 
Thanks much, JS

I will email Diamonds-USA and ask if they have anything else they haven’t listed.

But, yeah, I was pleasantly surprized to see that there actually was a diamond that was that close to your specifications. As you said, diamonds of this shape are not abundant.


I have heard back from diamonds-usa.The one I selected for you is the closest match as per your request.


Hi Thomas, 
At the end of the day, think it’s going to be a bit too big (in terms of measurements, rather than carat) — will keep looking a little longer. Please let me know if anything else comes up; I’m willing to go higher in terms of price. 
Much appreciated, JS

Ok, no problem. I’ll let you know if I find anything else.


Hi Thomas, 
Wanted to check back in on this, and see if anything new has come on the market. I’d paused the hunt a bit, but looking to make a purchase this month. 
Do let me know if you’ve seen anything new come on the market; as a reminder, I’m looking for: G or better, trilliantVS2 (SI1 will do, if nice)1-1.5 ct~8mm table dimension (7 too small, 9 too large)*Straight sides* (i.e., triangular, with minimal ‘bowing’/curve)Equal side lengths to the eye
Much appreciated, JS

Hi JS,
I found one which is pretty darn close to those specs. Since the inclusions aren’t smack bang in the middle of the table I’d say they pose little risk of impacting negatively on the diamond’s appearance.

1.01 Carat, Triangle Diamond with Cut, F Color, SI2 Clarity and Certified by GIA

All the best,

Hi Thomas, 
Thanks for the find — admit it checks most of my many boxes. 😀  It looks a little asymmetric to me — definitely one corner ‘pointier’ than the others — and not as straight-sided as many I’ve seen, but seems like a great prices for those specs, compared to what I’m finding locally…
Let me know if anything else comes up; I’ll see what I find this weekend. 
Much appreciated, JS

Original correspondence has been edited for clarity and continuity.

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