Welcome to DiamondBuyingAdvice.Net

The aim of this website is to provide third party advice when choosing a diamond  whether it’s for yourself, or you are buying a gift or if you want to buy a fancy color diamond as an investment.

You’ve probably already noticed that shopping for diamonds is a bit more involved than most other things you’d buy online .  After looking at a few jewelers’ websites you probably started to work out that a diamond’s value is determined by more than just its size.

A number of factors influence a diamond’s value. By now you have undoubtedly heard of the 4C’s and how they affect how attractive and valuable the diamond is. Understanding these basics, known as the 4C’s is therefore essential.

But even armed with that knowledge you might still feel that it is difficult to determine with absolute certainty if the diamond you are considering buying is one that you will be happy with.  This is why it is generally recommended to give careful thought to choosing a the right jeweler that can get you what you want rather than only looking at prices.

Different jewelers specialize in different areas. For example one jeweler might provide excellent cushion cut diamonds whereas another jeweler might be a fancy color diamond specialist.

How I can help you find what you want:

Send me a message letting me know what your preferences are.

Let me know a little about what you would like. I have established good relationships with a number of well established online jewelers that have been providing excellent service to thousands and thousands of customers.

I will direct you to the jewelers that specialize in what you need.

Do you like the European cut, but wonder if it has been improved at all? I can tell you where to look. Do you fancy a champagne colored, chameleon, or canary yellow diamond? Just ask me. I can help you find the right jeweler, and maybe even the diamond that is perfect just for you. Are you wondering where to get a super high quality setting with custom engraving and halo pave? I have got you covered.