Help With Buying a 2 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond

From: S.J via: Diamond Concierge Service
Type: natural or lab created
Cut: Cushion Carat: from 1.87 ct to 2.45 ct
Color Range: Near Colorless (G-H-I-J)
Clarity: VS1-VS2
Message: I am looking for a large cushion diamond around 2.0 carats. I have little knowledge on diamonds especially dealing with table, depth and fluorescence. My girlfriend would definitely like a larger ring, so I figure around 2 carats is good. I am open to suggestions with natural v. Lab grown. I would prefer natural but I am open to lab grown especially if it is a clean diamond. I am just looking for a cushion diamond that is clean look to the eye with some good sparkle! Like I said, my knowledge is limited so I am not sure what areas you can get away with lacking with. Please send over some diamonds you found. I am also open to suggestions! I am looking to spend around $10,000 to $11,000 on the diamond. I have a little wiggle room on pricing. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need some clarification. Thank you!!


Hi SJ,

So I had a look around. There are some nice diamonds available. Although it’s safe to say that big lab grown stones can be just as hard to find as mined ones. 2.5 ct lab grown stones seem to be snapped up pretty quickly.

A good looking natural 2 ct diamond is going fall outside the prescribed budget so I have included the best natural diamonds that are around 2 carats for your consideration and comparison, as well as a natural diamond that does fit within the prescribed budget, all of which I feel comfortable recommending.
I have included the measurements of the diamonds as seen from the top down so you can easily compare the actual size.

Lab Created Diamonds

DiamondImageVendorMeasurementsPriceDiamond Graded By
Lab-Created 2.35 Carat cushion
E Color| VS1 Clarity | Ideal Cut

James Allen Logo
7.99 x 7.76 mm
Lab-Created 2.86 Carat cushion
H Color| VS1 Clarity | Excellent Cut

8.21 x 8.32 mm
$6,819.00Diamond Foundry

Natural Diamonds



Diamond Graded By
2.09-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond
H Color| VS1 Clarity

Blue Nile®
7.60 x 7.25 mm
2.01 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond
H Color| VS1 Clarity | Ideal Cut

James Allen Logo7.36 x 7.31 mm
 1.81 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond
H Color | VS2 Clarity | Ideal Cut

James Allen Logo7.09 x 6.86 mm

These are excellent! Obviously, the lab grown are very appealing with the bigger carat for half the price. I really like James Allen as they have some great settings.  What are your overall thoughts on lab grown diamonds?  I still have that connotation that it is “fake” but in reality it’s exactly the same as a mined diamond but just grown in a lab. I just don’t know if I am being “cheap” if I go lab grown. My worry is that the value of the lab grown will slowly go down as they are lab grown diamonds increase in production. However, it does allow me to get a larger ring for the price. So, as more of an expert, what are your thoughts on lab grown. Thank you!! 
Sincerely, SJ

I tend to agree with you, mined diamonds will probably retain greater value over the long term. Especially a large diamond with high color grade and high clarity. If we look at how the price of created ruby went over time to end up being cheap as peanuts it’s a concern that created diamonds may follow the same trajectory. Currently though there is such a high demand that there’s even a secondary market, with a few places popping up willing to buy used lab grown diamonds. But in 5, 10 years, who’s to say what the situation will be. The fact that more factories can and are being set up means that according to the law of supply and demand it’s hard to see any other way but down for the price of lab grown. Unless lab grown diamond makers unite into some sort of cartel. Or energy costs sky rocket. Who knows what the future holds. I think the current trend toward greater acceptance of lab diamonds is likely to keep gaining momentum over the next few years which will keep the price from falling too much for the immediate future.

I appreciate your advice and opinion.  I actually really like that James Allen 1.81 mined.  I think that is still a good size.  Again, I have no clue what is considered a “large ring,” but that seems like a good diamond in my price.  I also really like the lab grown James Allen, but still feel odd about purchasing a lab grown.  I am going to keep looking and if I end up purchasing one of the ones you listed I will be sure to use the link, thank you so much!  

Original correspondence has been edited for clarity.

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