Shield Shape Lab Diamonds Now Available From This Manufacturer.

A couple of years ago a client asked me if I was able to source some shield cut diamonds for them. At the time I didn’t have a source for this type of cut but was determined to do my best. I was surprised to find that none of my contacts had shield cut diamonds. It has taken this long to finally connect with a lab diamond manufacturer that actually produces this elusive shape.

They are able to produce these on demand and their lead time isn’t much longer than an average diamond order from any major diamond retailer.

What are shield cut diamonds?

Shield cut diamonds, as the name implies, are diamonds shaped like a shield. A pointy end flares out and then changes angles to end with a flat side. They are commonly used as accents on diamond ring settings. Two shield diamonds can be set on either side of the center stone. While almost any shape can be used to accent a center stone, shield cut stones are really quite perfect for this type of arrangement. Like tiny wings or rays they enhance the presentation of the center stone as if to say: “Ta-da!! Here! Look at this beautiful center stone!”

Where To Buy Shield Cut Lab Created Diamonds

You can buy shield cut diamonds directly from LGD’s website: Order Shield Cut Lab Diamonds Now.

LGD is the online retail arm for lab created diamonds of RRP Diamonds a Surat lab diamond grower. Surat, for those who don’t know, is one of the largest diamond hubs in the world and a major diamond cutting center where 90% of all diamonds are cut.

LGD/RRP Diamonds also has offices in the diamond district in New York.

click image to visit LGD’s homepage

What Color and Clarity Are LGD’s Shield Cut Diamonds?

LGD’s shield cut diamonds are grown by the HPHT method and are available in the colorless range of D, E and F. The clarity range is VS2 or better.

What Sizes Are Available from LGD?

LGD offers 18 different sizes of shield cut lab created diamonds on their website at the time of writing. The smallest is listed as weighing 0.13 ct and measuring 3.6 mm x 3.2 mm. Each size thereafter is incrementally larger with the largest one listed being 0.89 ct and measuring 7.4 mm x 7.2 mm.

What About IGI Certification?

I contacted LGD to ask if the stones can be certified and they informed me that from 0.30 ct on up a stone can be sent to IGI for grading. The fee quoted for this additional service was very modest, and definitely worth it for peace of mind to know with certainty the color and clarity of a stone as determined by a professional gemologist.

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