Where To Buy a D color 3.5 Carat Lab Created Diamond

If you want to buy a lab created diamond that is 3.5 carats online there are only a few places to look.

If we search James Allen for lab created diamonds that are around the 3.5 carat mark we find that there are very few. Even so there are a few D color diamonds.

At the time of writing there is one that looks like a beautiful well cut symmetrical stone with ideal depth to produce excellent light return.

The only other diamond close to that weight is not one that looks so great.

When searching for diamonds it is a good idea to always use the advanced options and enter in the best depth range, best table percentage, fluorescence level, and choose excellent polish and symmetry. Mind you fluorescence isn’t present in lab created diamonds so that isn’t an issue in this case.

But it saves you so much time searching if you select the advanced options. James Allen also lets you choose which grading lab you want.

I wrote an article yesterday about how little difference there was between IGI and GIA grading reports issued for the same set of lab created diamonds. At present most lab created diamonds are graded by IGI, but recent tests have shown that there is very little difference in the grades given by GIA. (IGI used to be the place to send lower quality stones because they charged less.) Anyway check out my other article for more on the topic.

How big is a 3.5 carat diamond?

An ideal cut 3.5 carat round brilliant diamond usually has a diameter of around 9.7mm to 9.8mm. A shallow cut diamond may be wider than this but will not shine as bright. And a deep cut may be narrower than this but will also not look as bright. However the width of a diamond is not the influencing factor for the diamond’s brightness. It is the angle of the pavilion facets combined with the angle of the crown facets which are determining factors for a stone’s light performance.

A 3.5 carat diamond is usually just under 9.8mm across

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