What is Worthy.com and How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever tried taking your diamond ring to a pawn shop, or know anyone who has you were probably shocked to find out that they were not really interested in anything but the value of the metal. By weight!

There are too many horror stories of pawn shops just popping out the stones and throwing them in a box to be forgotten about. The plan of course (they’ll say) is to get the stones valued, but they rarely, if ever, get around to it and may never.

So if pawn shops are a bad idea, where then can you sell your diamond when you need to turn it into cash? eBay may come to mind, but there is a better option. A place that will clean, photograph and even get a GIA grading certificate for your diamond.

It’s called

Worthy.com is a great place to turn your diamonds and luxury items (Tag Heuer watches, Rolex, Tiffany jewelry and more) into cash.

It’s is more than just a platform where you can list your precious items.

They take an active part in getting you the best price for your valued pieces. Read on to find out more.

Getting started is easy:

How Worthy Works

  1. Free Secure Pickup: The item(s) first need to be inspected and authenticated and must be shipped to Worthy. Shipment to Worthy is free of charge via FedEx and is fully insured by brokers at Lloyd’s of London.
  2. They Do All the Work: Once received, Worthy will professionally clean and photograph your jewelry in high definition, showing off your diamond or jewelry from every angle. This is followed by an objective third-party grading by industry leading experts, GIA. Worthy then creates an auction listing and promotes it though their buyer network. Only vetted buyers can bid so you know you’re not getting the run-around from time wasters.
  3. Get Paid: After setting your price, you will get offers from vetted professional buyers in Worthy’s network, so that you can sell with confidence knowing you will get fair market offers on your diamond jewelry.

What Can I list on Worthy.com?

So what types of items are good to sell on Worthy.com

Engagement rings

You can use the online form to get started listing diamond engagement rings. Engagement rings commonly contain a center stone which is a diamond.

Regardless of whether or not you have a grading report for your piece, Worthy will send it, free of charge, to a world-class grading lab. They do this to ensure that you have an accurate and valid grading report for your piece which will ultimately help you get a better price.

Worthy’s diamond specialists have worked with thousands of customers selling engagement rings. As such, their valuers are uniquely placed to calculate fairly accurate prices.

Loose Diamonds

Worthy.com is a great place to list diamonds starting at 0.50 carat in weight. If your diamond is a fancy color diamond then the carat weight can be 0.45 ct. Make sure you have a grading report or grading report number from GIA, EGL, IGI, or AGS to get started. Whether you want to sell your round brilliant, princess, pear cut, radiant, cut, oval cut, heart shape, emerald cut, or other fancy cut, matters not. Worthy is the platform for you.

Diamond Jewelry

Pendants, tennis bracelets, diamond studs, brooches, and any other diamond jewelry you may have. If the diamond is at least half a carat you definitely stand a chance of getting an offer on it.

Luxury Watches

If you have a Rolex Watch with a certificate of authenticity then you can use the online form and find out what Worthy.com will get you for it.

Estate Jewelry

If you have estate jewelry, including vintage jewelry and antique jewelry then Worthy is a great place to list these items.

Does Worthy Accept Anything Else?

Worthy has a full list of the types of items that may be sold on Worthy.com.

View full list of items which Worthy knows are of interest to buyers here.

Is Shipping Diamonds Safe?

Sending valuables in the mail can sound worrisome, but Worthy understands this and makes sure to take all the necessary precautions to give you peace of mind. Your diamond jewelry is fully insured at Lloyds of London and you will be notified as soon as your item arrives at their New York office. Plus, after they receive your shipment, you will have a dedicated auction manager who will be with you every step of the way.

For more insight, here are some answers to the most common questions regarding shipping concerns:

How should I pack my diamond for safe shipping?

Worthy’s shipping kit includes a box and a velvet pouch to keep your diamond safe in transit. In addition to that every shipment is covered with up to $50,000 USD in insurance.

How is my parcel collected?

Once you have submitted your item through Worthy.com, Worthy will coordinate a courier pick up at your convenience so your valuables are not left unattended.

Where will my diamond be kept?

Once your diamond arrives at Worthy’s New York office it is held in their secure vault. The $50,000 insurance also covers transport to and from the grading lab.

How Much Should I List My Diamond For?

Worthy will help you find a reasonable price for your diamond. If you want to know what the going rate is Worthy have a very handy tool called the Resale Price Range Calculator which will give you an idea as to what sort of prices items similar to yours have sold for at auction. The calculation estimate is based on the attributes which your diamond has in common with the ones that have sold on Worthy.com recently. While there will always be factors that influence the final value this at least gives you some idea as to what other people are getting for their stones.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My Jewelry?

On average the entire process from the time your jewelry arrives at Worthy to you receiving the money is between one and a half to two weeks.

Who Buys From Worthy.com?

The Worthy Buyer Network™

Worthy’s Buyer Network is made up of hundreds of trusted, professional buyers located all around the world. Competitive bids from this large pool of committed buyers ensure you get a good price for your item.

What separates The Worthy Buyer Network™ from the rest?

Power in Numbers. The size of Worthy’s network is vast and covers all corners of the globe. This translates into a higher demand for your unique item, and bids will come in. The large size of the network will result in many interested buyers, more bids, and a higher overall price, reflecting the market value of your item.

Reliability. When buyers join the Worthy Buyer Network™, they are seeking verified items with accurate descriptions that they can trust. In turn, they commit to conducting business honestly and responsibly, guaranteeing the bids that they place on items. Worthy upholds a high standard of integrity, sustaining a mutual trust between sellers and buyers. Their ultimate goal is that at the end, everyone wins.

Targeted Buyers. Worthy’s network of buyers specialize in the purchase of luxury items like yours. The buyers vary in area of expertise and interest. When you submit your item, Worthy determines which buyers would be interested in your valuable and invites them to participate in your auction.

Best Market Value. Due to the expertise and experience of these buyers, they truly understand the value of your item in the context of the market. From the high volume of bids placed, you will receive the maximum current market value for your item.

Trusted evaluation. As the buyers know that Worthy has personally inspected the item they know that they can trust the description to be accurate and reliable and will consequently have the confidence to place a fair bid on the item.

What Are The Final Value Fees?

Worthy provides a great platform for you to sell your jewelry and their Worthy’s Buyer Network is comprised of knowledgeable buyers who are in the market for luxury items and as such will be able to place fair offers on your item. To make this service possible Worthy has a final value fee which is taken out of the final sale price.

Sale priceFinal value fee
Up to $5,00018%
$5,001 – $15,00014%
$15,001 – $30,00012%
Jewelry Box (3+ items)18% flat fee

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