Help With Buying a Princess Cut Diamond on a $4000 Budget

AGS graded princess cut diamonds
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Question sent in by: Helen 
Via Diamond Concierge Service
Type: Natural Diamond 
Cut: Princess 
Carat: from 0.95 ct to 0.99 ct 
Color Range: Near Colorless (G-H-I-J)
Clarity: SI1-SI2
Message: Hello. I am trying to 
find a diamond that is bright but I 
have to keep it to $4000 for the stone.
Can I find a certified ideal princess? I 
haven't seen this on any diamond certs?


Hi Helen, thanks for sending in your question.

At present it is not difficult to find a beautiful princess cut diamond to your specifications for $4000 or just under. As you may have already noticed if you have been browsing online at various online jewelers that princess cut diamonds are not given a cut grade by GIA. Some jewelers make their own assessment of their princess cut stones and assign an “ideal” cut grade to their stones without having any proof nor do they disclose what the parameters have been applied in order for them to reach this conclusion.

In house assessments are not worth much. At best they only help a little in the process of elimination, but you are still left with trying to figure out which of the countless remaining choices you want to keep.

In house grading is akin to students marking their own papers or police investigating their own deeds: no one really trusts it no matter how much they swear that they are above reproach.

Luckily AGS does issue cut grades for princess cut diamonds.

And where, you may ask, can we find AGS graded princess cut diamonds?

Whiteflash’s A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Princess

There are half a dozen great reasons why Whiteflash is a fantastic choice when deciding where to buy your diamond, but for now we are concerned with what they offer in terms of princess cut diamonds. Not only are the AGS graded, these stones come with an AGS Proprietary Light Performance Diamond Quality report. This document includes a cut grade. This is no small thing. AGS is a world authority on diamond grading. Established by the same person who established GIA, AGS was created in order to help the consumer understand more about high quality cuts. They offer more detailed grading for high performance diamonds.

As you have specified that you are looking for a diamond that may be just below 1 carat there’s another benefit to looking at Whiteflash’s inventory: diamonds under 1 carat rarely get the full write-up that 1+ carat diamonds get. Small diamonds usually only get what’s called a diamond dossier. Whiteflash stones are of such high caliber that they want to make sure you receive a full description of what you are getting. So you get a proper and very detailed diamond grading report even if the stone is under 1 carat.

whiteflash princess cut diamond search
click the image to instantly return current Whiteflash inventory of diamonds to your specification as per your question

At the time of writing the above search returned 1 diamond from Whiteflash’s in-house inventory and three from their virtual selection which simply means those stones are not held at their premises. They all look like fantastic choices.

Let me know how you go!

Thomas J Stevens GIA DG. CSG

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