Help With Buying A 0.70 Ct Diamond

From: Michell 
Via Diamond Concierge Service
Type: Natural Diamond 
Cut: Round Brilliant 
Carat: from 0.68 ct to 0.75 ct 
Color Range: Colorless (D-E-F)
Clarity: VS1-VS2
Message: I'd love some advice on purchasing
a diamond. I will be getting a solitaire
Don't want to spend too much so I am
keeping it somewhere 0.70 ct

Hi Michell,

thanks for using my Diamond Concierge service and congratulations on taking the plunge.

I checked James Allen using the specs you describe and found a beautiful round brilliant diamond that I know you will love.

0.71 Carat round diamond F ColorVS1 Clarity Ideal Cut

As it has been graded by AGS and received an Ideal cut grade you can rest assured that it is going to return light very efficiently. As a VS1 clarity graded diamond there’s no risk any inclusions will be visible. Even at high resolution there’s barely any inclusions greater than a microscopic speck to be seen. This will look great in a platinum setting.

With negligible fluorescence this diamond is a much safer bet than one that has medium or strong fluorescence. Diamonds with anything more than negligible fluorescence have been known to look a little cloudy, which is why it’s better to buy diamonds without fluorescence when buying online. It does depend on your risk profile, but on the overall I recommend staying away from fluorescence unless you are really looking for a bargain and are willing to risk having to return it for an exchange. Not something most people want to be bothered with.

Also not that this diamond has been given an ideal polish grade. This is something not to be overlooked as it makes up an important part of the diamond’s overall attractiveness.

Enjoy! If you get a chance let me know how it goes!

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