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Message From: Titus Sent Via: Diamond Concierge Form Requesting help with finding: Natural Diamond Cut: Oval Carat: from 1 ct to 1.49 ct Color Range: Near Colorless (G-H-I-J) Clarity: SI1-SI2 Message: I am looking for an oval with great L/W ratio that has a great color to the naked eye and great cut. It will likely go on a pave band, rose gold or white gold.

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Ovals are all the rage at the moment and they aren’t the easiest of shapes to choose from as there are so many variables due to their geometry.

I first checked which jewelers have the type of setting you mention so you can get the diamond set at the same place that provides both items.

Blue Nile

Riviera Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Rose Gold (1/6 ct. tw.)

Blue Nile has the setting available and there’s discount code you can use on this too: 2020NILE gives you the special price.

James Allen

14K Rose Gold Petite Pave Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

James Allen also has this type of setting and it’s on special as well. Awesome!

The center stone

I began my search at Blue Nile with these parameters:

settings for Blue Nile diamond search

The secret to finding a good oval cut lies in these parameters: excellent polish, symmetry, minimal fluorescence.

Note the maximum range on the Length to Width ratio is actually the famed golden ratio.

Also I made the color parameters a little higher than I would for round brilliants.

G color is in such high demand that it’s often difficult to find good prices there.

This diamond caught my eye.

1.01-Carat Oval Cut Diamond
Very Good Cut | F Color | SI1 Clarity

I seriously doubt that can be improved on.

A great diamond at a great price.

If I were to raise any concerns it would be with the inclusions. However SI1 diamonds all have inclusions of note and the tradeoff is found in the price. If the integrity of the diamond is a concern, remember that the diamond withstood the immense pressures of cutting and polishing, so it’s not a huge concern. Yes this is always brought up by people who want to up-sell you a diamond with a higher clarity grade, but it’s so rare that a feather actually ends up as a fracture as to be inconsequential.

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