How To Choose A Diamond At Blue Nile

So, you’ve done your homework, read all the guides, set a budget, and want to take the plunge.

But there are still SO MANY CHOICES to make. Sure you might have an idea of the carat size you want, but there’s still a lot to decide! You may feel like the more you research the more lost you feel!

Which color grade should I choose? Does clarity really matter? What the heck is fluorescence? How do I get the best “bang per buck”?


Take a breath.

I am here to help.

You are in all likelihood, like most people who buy a diamond, only doing this once. So it can really feel like it’s too much to spend months studying about diamonds for just this one purchase.

Is there an alternative?

Is it possible to find some sort of shortcut?

Well, yes there is, but most jewelers don’t really want to make it too easy. This is because they would end up sitting on an a large inventory of stones that will never sell. So they keep the ball in your court by presenting you with tens of thousands of diamonds which you have to sort through.

Of course I have no such concerns. Which is why I can give you a shortcut to finding the best diamonds at whichever carat weight you want.

(You will still have a few things to think about, and make choices on, but I guarantee that this shortcut will help you immensely.)

Round Brilliant Diamonds

A round brilliant diamond

Round brilliant, also referred to simply as “round”, is your classic diamond shape.

This shape is super popular because it’s usually the sparkliest shape.

I say usually, because it has to be the right depth percentage, have the right table size, and not be too included, not too dark a color, and not be overly fluorescent. Ok, ok, I know. Too much info already!

But hang in there. I have a custom search link for you which will only return the best looking diamonds and exclude all diamonds which in my opinion don’t make the cut.

Yes you read that correctly: This is a one click search link.

I have wanted to do this for a long time. But it was one of those things that I knew would take a bit of work. (I’m sure any computer programmers reading this are laughing, thinking, this is easy as ABC). Anyway I managed to get in touch with my contact at Blue Nile and got all the parameters I would need to create a custom link.

This way, you, my readers can have an easy shortcut to the “sparkliest” diamonds that provide the best bang per buck at Blue Nile.

I will then show you which parameters you can tweak to suit your needs.

One Click Search

So, as promised here’s the link to a prefilled search for round, H , VS2 diamonds at Blue Nile:

This is what clicking the link should return:

These are the search parameters which I consider “safe” for identifying the best round brilliant diamonds at Blue Nile.

This search should give you enough diamonds to choose from. Ok maybe leaving Astor Ideal selected was unnecessary on my part, since at the time of writing all the Astor Ideal diamonds are found within higher color grade categories.

But have a look through what turns up. There are bound to be some gorgeous stones there.

If there is nothing within your budget you can have a play with the color grade sliders to include I color diamonds, and then after that venture over into J diamond territory.

If you still can’t find anything, then you can either increase the budget or reduce the size. After that you can include Medium Fluorescence diamonds and finally you can start looking within the SI1 category.

Send in your question

If you are looking to buy any type of diamond jewelry online you are welcome to send in any questions you may have.

As an affiliate of the some of the world’s finest jewelers I am motivated to find the right purchase that is perfect just for you. Every person has specific needs and every jeweler has specific areas in which they excel.

Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG

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