The Surprising Secrets To Choosing Flawless Diamonds

Diamonds with a perfect clarity grade are not only valued for their rarity but are sought out by many people for these diamonds’ association with purity. I am talking about diamonds that have been given a clarity grade of IF, which stands for Internally Flawless.

Why Choose An Internally Flawless Diamond

In certain cultures clarity is in fact one of the most important considerations when choosing a diamond. Diamonds are an integral part of modern culture and over time have been symbolic of many different ideas. Love and romance, value and beauty to name a few.

When one can add purity and perfection to the other symbols associated with diamond, specifically, strength, durability, beauty, brightness, generosity, love and commitment, simplicity and complexity, a diamond starts to emanate a universe of ideas.

Rarity and the idea of purity are not the only reasons people choose an internally flawless diamond.

Large internally flawless diamonds are also seen as investment grade diamonds. While buying an engagement ring is not to be seen as an investment move, there are some diamonds which will retain their value, or even gain in value over the years.

Having said that, this post will not be providing guidance for those looking for an investment vehicle. But I’ll just throw this out there: Internally Flawless diamonds can be investment grade diamonds.

The hunt for an internally flawless diamond places clarity in top spot with all the other C’s of the 4C’s relegated to second, third and fourth place.

This is not about bargain hunting anymore. Ok, maybe a little, we all want the best value, but an internally flawless diamond may not look all that different next to a VVS2, VVS1, or even a VS1 diamond to the casual observer.

And yet even knowing this, the fact that an internally flawless diamond is extremely rare excites diamond collectors and diamond lovers alike.

Choosing the right IF diamond usually comes down to three key factors; budget, purity and collectability.

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Internally Flawless (IF) Diamonds Defined

In internally flawless diamond is one which has no inclusions. This the classification IF does not consider surface blemishes, as it has to do with inclusions only. Inclusions, as the name suggests are crystals or other flaws which are included inside the diamond itself.

Surface blemishes can obviously be the result of wear. So it is entirely within the realm of possibility for a diamond to be given a clarity grade of FL and end up changing to IF. Just because a diamond is flawless within and without, does not mean if is guaranteed to stay so. Such a stone can fall victim to minor incidents causing external blemishes and eventually have to be considered IF. This is because wear and tear can cause a diamond to go from FL to IF.

FL is by definition one step up from IF as it is a grade which encompasses not only the interior of the diamond but its surface as well.

Some jewelers have worked years in the diamond business never having come across a FL diamond; a fortunate few will have the chance to cast their eyes on an IF diamond.

Why Not Just Buy FL?

You can of course get a diamond with a Flawless (FL) clarity grade. These diamonds are flawless within and without. But unless the diamond is never ever worn and mounting the diamond does not affect the diamond’s clarity grade it makes more sense to go straight for an IF diamond.

IF diamonds simply are better value than FL diamonds. That is if we are talking about diamonds which will be set and/or worn.

Flawless (FL) diamonds can cost up to 30% more than Internally Flawless (IF) diamonds. That’s a pretty substantial jump. The prices for IF diamonds are already quite respectable, so unless money is really no object, getting an IF diamond over an FL just makes a lot of sense.

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Pure Perfection: D Color, Internally Flawless Clarity

Diamonds, as you know, are rare.

A flawless diamond is exceptionally rare.

A flawless diamond that is perfectly colorless is phenomenally rare.

How rare does that make diamonds which have a perfect color grade, perfect in clarity and also in cut? Rare indeed.

D color (perfectly colorless) IF (internally flawless) diamonds are estimated to represent 0.001% of world diamond production.

Since diamond prices are based upon rarity, the price commanded by perfect color and clarity is substantial.

There are not very many buyers for D IF diamonds

It is particularly true when you consider that diamonds just a few grades lower in color and/or clarity can be equally beautiful and available for a significantly lower price.

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There is clearly an emotional component at play where D IF diamonds are concerned. These gems are purchased by people who want the best of the best.

But it makes zero sense to buy a perfect diamond without it being the perfect cut!

Why would customers for D IF diamonds not insist on the very best cutting, especially since cut quality is the key to light performance, sparkle, brilliance and fire?

Fortunately there is the Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series consisting of super ideal cut diamonds in DEF colors and IF to VVS clarity.

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