Help With Choosing The Best 1.5 to 2 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond at James Allen

Q Thank you for this service, I found your website and I am just starting the diamond buying process. I am looking to learn more about what to look for when it comes to cushion cuts. I’ve read that most people don’t like the crushed ice pattern, so I’m trying to educate myself on what those look like.
As well as how to read the reports and dimensions to hopefully pick out a good diamond.
Thank you very much. -TL
Type: Lab Created
Cut: Cushion
Carat: from 1.45 ct to 2.08 ct
Color Range: Colorless (D-E-F)
Clarity: VS1-VS2

A Hi TL,
Here are the diamonds that ticked the most boxes. I was able to find one on the lower end, middle and higher end of your specified carat range. All are non-crushed ice top quality cuts. There weren’t many (if any) second place contenders for each position size-wise as these all really stood out as exceptional in their cut quality.

Diamond ImageVendorPrice
Lab-Created 1.50 Carat cushion diamond
D Color VS1 Clarity Ideal Cut

Lab-Created 1.72 Carat cushion diamond
D Color VS2 Clarity Ideal Cut

Lab-Created 2.08 Carat cushion diamond
E Color VS2 Clarity Ideal Cut


Here is an article I wrote to address the question of the crushed ice look in cushion cut diamonds:

Thank you very much for the advice! It is much appreciated. When looking through the various cushion cuts on James Allen, what goes into your consideration besides the color and clarity? How can I differentiate a 1.5 carat with the same VS2 clarity rating? It seems that there are many of seemingly the same diamond but with varying prices. What areas could I look to to bring the price down a little? Thank you. -TL

I scan for overall brightness and symmetry as well as good contrast and optical precision.

Maybe we can drop down the color.

I had another look through the F ones and spotted this one: which is $3740

Thank you. Now between the D and the F, will there most likely not be very much discernible difference in color to the naked eye? If I wanted to go with something in the E or F color, but closer to 1.75 and 2 carat, would you have any suggestions for those? 
Again, it is much appreciated. -TL

PS: I am still looking through the ones you had sent me and I am trying to make up my mind as to which one. Having a little trouble because they all look beautiful.

one month and some emails later:

Hello again Sir,
I was finally ready to pull the trigger on one of the diamonds you had sent me but it looks like it got sold already. Do you any more recommendations in that size range, F, VS2 and around similar price? Thank you so much. -TL

The diamond that stands out presently as being the best around 1.5ct is this one:

Thank you very much! Would you happen to have a suggestion for the 1.75 carat size range. -TL

This would be my first choice from what’s currently available:

Diamond ImageVendorPrice
Lab-Created 1.75 Carat cushion modified diamond
F Color VS2 Clarity

Thanks! We’ve decided to go with the 2.08 ct you linked to earlier! Thanks for your patience! TL

Great choice!

Note: the original correspondence has been edited for clarity and continuity.

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