Where Can I Sell My Certified Diamond Jewelry For A Good Price?

WP Diamonds will give you cash for diamonds and luxury items like Tag Heuer watches, Rolex, Tiffany jewelry and more.

As a company that buys diamonds direct from the public they make it very easy to find out how much you might get for your diamond ring, loose diamond, or other luxury items.

Submitting the form is easy.

Submitting the form is also completely free!

Selling to WP diamonds is much safer than trying to list it on a random classified ad site. This is probably one of the easiest ways around to turn your valuables into cash.

You won’t even need to take high quality photos in a controlled environment, as you would if listing on an auction site, and there’s no need for an escrow service.

All you need to have is a grading report (diamond certificate) and it doesn’t even have to be a GIA certificate. This is because WP diamonds also accept grading reports/certificates from HRD, IGI, EGL and AGS.

They have a form you can use to check the authenticity of your cert: Check Diamond Grading Reports And Diamond Certificates.

What Will WP Diamonds Buy?

So what types of items will WP Diamonds make an offer on?

Engagement rings

You can use the online valuation form to get an offer on diamond engagement rings. Engagement rings commonly contain a center stone which is a diamond.

Though there may be additional diamonds on the ring the center stone makes up the bulk of its value. Diamond grading reports, jewelry appraisals or certificates (diamond grading reports) for the stone contain the vital information which allows WP Diamonds to make an offer on the ring.

The grading report will help their GIA trained gemologists give you a more accurate price quote.

WP Diamonds’ diamond specialists have worked with thousands of customers selling engagement rings. As such, their valuers are uniquely places to calculate accurate prices.

Loose Diamonds

WP Diamonds will buy diamonds 0.50 carat in weight and above. While it’s definitely recommended to have a grading report, you actually don’t need to have a grading report to submit the form. Whether you want to sell your round brilliant, princess, pear cut, radiant, cut, oval cut, heart shape, emerald cut, or other fancy cut, matters not. WP Diamonds are interested.

Diamond Jewelry

Pendants, tennis bracelets, diamond studs, brooches, and any other diamond jewelry you may have. If the diamond is at least half a carat you definitely stand a chance of getting an offer for it.

Luxury Watches

If you have a Rolex Watch with a certificate of authenticity then you can use the online valuation form to find out what WP Diamonds will offer you for it.

Luxury Handbags

Yes, you can even receive cash for your luxury hand bag. The following are all brands that WP Diamonds will make an offer on:

  • Chanel
  • Goyard
  • Gucci
  • Hermès
  • Birkin
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Prada
  • Saint Laurent

Estate Jewelry

If you have estate jewelry, including vintage jewelry and antique jewelry then WP Diamonds are interested.

Not sure? It actually is very easy to find out just send in the valuation form and get a swift reply as to whether or not your valuables can be swapped for cash.

About WP Diamonds:

They have a turn over $75 million in diamonds per year. They work with hundreds of customers every day both in the USA, Europe, Canada, Asia and around the world.

WP Diamonds will provide a free and fully insured overnight shipping label with which you can send your items to their headquarters for a final price.

Once your item has been received by WP Diamonds, they will provide you with a final price and get you paid. If you decline the offer they will return your item to you.

The bottom line is that no matter where you are, selling to WP Diamonds is quick, easy and requires no expenditure, provided your diamond already has a diamond grading report.

They have no need to pressure you into selling since they simply give you an honest price range without charging any fees or commissions. They will give you the best possible offer. This option is the one that will take the least amount of your time and has the least risk involved.

Filling out the form is easy and costs nothing: WP Diamonds

With offices in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and the UK, WP Diamonds is an international luxury buyer.

They are not an online marketplace.

WP Diamonds will buy your luxury pieces directly.

In addition, their size and expertise mean that they buy your fine jewelry, watches or handbags for the very best price. WP Diamonds is backed by a major Wall Street venture capital firm. As a result, their access to funds means that they can complete transactions of any size quickly and securely.

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