Different Wedding Ring Ideas

The Symbol of Love

Life is all about symbols. Wedding rings are an important symbol in a relationship as they form part of the celebration and indicate that a person is in a committed relationship. Rings can express a great deal about a person too.

A solid gold band is of course known to be a very standard type of wedding ring. But there are plenty of other designs. Plenty.

So let me bust a few myths for you. Wedding rings can be so much more than a plain gold band.



Absolutely! Let me spell that out clearly in no uncertain terms:

Myth Busting

There are some myths floating around that are simply that: myths. Who makes these up? people who have no sense of adventure! Here are a few examples.


Wedding rings have to be basic and plain.


Wedding rings come in all sorts of patterns and designs. Crown designs, leaf motif designs, and even arched designs are all great examples of unusual designs that may be just the ticket for you.

Crown Diamond Wedding Ring
Leaf Motif Wedding Ring
Leaf Motif Wedding Ring
Arched Wedding Ring
Arched Wedding Ring


For women’s wedding rings you should stick to plain gold or diamonds.


Gemstone wedding rings are widely used and loved the world over. We’re talking about blue, green, yellow, and red and all the available colors of gemstone. There are many many different wedding ring designs that include gemstones.

Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring
Emerald and Diamond Wedding Ring


Anything other than a plain gold band is garish and unclassy


There are countless designs that are elegant while being far from plain or boring.

18K Yellow Gold Ladies 0.28CTW Angled Common Prong Diamond Eternity Ring
14K White Gold Pave Knife Edge Lotus Band

Simple Designs

Some do prefer a simple wedding band. Not everyone dreams of a sparkly ring with embedded gemstones.

If you prefer something more traditional there are still the tried and tested gold bands. There are still a few options to choose from.

Here are some ideas.

14K Yellow Gold 2.0mm Traditional Slightly Curved Wedding Ring
14K White Gold 2mm Knife Edge Women’s Wedding Ring

Those with smaller hands or thinner engagement ring bands may want to opt for thinner classic wedding rings, and vice versa.

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3 Responses

  1. Ozzie says:

    Hmm, I’m kind of partial to more traditional plain old gold rings. But I guess to each his own. Variety is the spice of life and all that.

  2. Zach says:

    Good ideas. Thanks. I never considered some of these but now I have something to think about.

  3. Piroska says:

    We love the choice of a pear-shaped diamond in this modern gold ring. This is such a stunning way to incorporate diamonds into a band with a gorgeous, uniquely shaped, focal point.

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