Concierge Service: Round Brilliant Diamond

Type: Natural Diamond
Cut: Round Brilliant
Carat: from 0.75 ct to 0.95 ct
Color Range: Colorless (D-E-F)
Clarity: VVS1-VVS2
Message: I’m looking for a natural diamond between 0.5-0.75ct for a proposal ring. However friends have been asking me to take a look at lab grown so I’m currently undecided 



DiamondGrading ReportVendorPrice
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0.752 E VS2 Signature Round
AGS-104120473009brian gavin diamonds$3,460.00

0.703 ct H VS1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond

0.70 Carat round diamond
F Color | VS1 Clarity
GIA 7408762812$3,280.00

Lab Created

Pre-screened diamonds

Whiteflash and Brian Gavin’s in house lab diamonds are all curated, vetted, and prescreened for quality of diamond material, as well as for cut quality, eliminating any risk of ending up with a dud.

These links to Whiteflash and Brian Gavin Diamonds will show you a list of lab created diamonds which would in all likelihood be worthy of my recommendation. I’ll leave it up to you to decide on which one or to contact the respective merchants for help choosing:

👉 Whiteflash Precision Lab Diamonds $2900-$3500

👉 Brian Gavin Premium Lab Diamonds $2900-$3500

James Allen

At James Allen this is the lab created diamond I would recommend:

Lab-Created 1.71 Carat Round Diamond E Color VS1 Clarity Ideal Cut

This service is provided for free but I still expect to get paid. Don’t worry, this will come out of the merchant’s ad budget and doesn’t affect the price you pay in any way. Please be so kind as to let me know which one you choose (even if your final selection isn’t listed above). That way I can follow up with the merchant in a couple months to make sure they tracked it properly.

I recommend a stone by combining a number of assessment factors including:

  • the stone’s proportions and angles
  • how confident I am that the recipient will absolutely love love love the diamond;
  • excellent light return
  • optical precision
  • good, clear, high quality diamond material
  • the value I believe it represents;
  • must be deemed eye-clean by me;
  • how well it fits the brief.

As most naturals are graded by GIA I generally recommend a minimum of H color VS1-VS2 for naturals.

For lab created I recommend a minimum of E VS1 as these are mostly graded by IGI.

Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG