Concierge Service: Pear Cut Lab Created Diamond

Submitted via:
Type: Lab Created
Cut: Pear
Carat: from 3.8 ct to 4 ct
Color Range: Colorless (D-E-F)
Clarity: VS1-VS2
Message: Looking for a pear lab diamond that has minimal bowtie and has great fire and brilliance and ratio around 1.6. Thank you!


DiamondGrading ReportVendorPriceMy Overall Score
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3.86 Ct Pear Cut Lab Created Diamond E VS1
GIA 2457833913$10,130.0096%

4 Ct Pear Cut Lab Created Diamond F VS2
IGI LG571324130Loose Grown Diamond$3,085.0094%

4 Ct Pear Cut Lab Created Diamond F VS2
IGI LG559272209$3,856.0092%

I recommend a stone by combining a number of assessment factors including:

  • the stone’s proportions and angles
  • how confident I am that the recipient will absolutely love love love the diamond;
  • excellent light return
  • optical precision
  • good, clear, high quality diamond material
  • the value I believe it represents;
  • must be deemed eye-clean by me;
  • how well it fits the brief.

Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG

Question I often get asked:

Q: Is the color of an F graded diamond going to be noticeable?

A: IGI graded diamonds which have received an F color grade may have a detectable color when viewed at certain angles. The hue may be brown or yellow if the diamond was grown using CVD, and gray or blue if grown using HPHT. The market tends to dislike the less natural looking colors so I won’t recommend diamonds with an obvious blue, brown or gray hue. I do not expect GIA graded diamonds with an F color grade to have noticeable color.

Q: I can see some impurities in some VS1 and VVS2 diamond videos. Will those be visible to the naked eye?

A: If the stone has been graded by GIA or IGI, then those clarity grades are meant to be eye clean grades and the impurities should be too small to view with the unaided eye. With emerald cut diamonds it is usually better to err on the side of caution so VS1 diamonds should still be assessed for possible clarity issues which may be noticeable.

Q: Do all the diamonds have a GIA grading report?

A: The table above shows each respective diamond’s grading report number which includes the grading lab’s acronym. A diamond will only be sent to one grading lab and will usually not have two grading reports.

Q: is a diamond with a GIA grading report better than one with an IGI report?

A: Each stone has to be assessed on its own merits. Both labs are respected brands and there are few discrepancies in their respective grading standards.

Q: why do I see the same stone listed on two different sites?

A: This means that the stone is held at the manufacturer’s facility and the stone has been made available to retailers for sale. This system allows vendors to list a larger selection of diamonds without having to invest in the merchandise first.

Q: how can I make sure I get the stone I want? If it’s listed on several sites isn’t there a chance it may get sold elsewhere as I am adding it to my shopping cart?

A: The safest course of action is to buy a diamond that is in stock at the vendor.

Q: Can you guarantee the diamond will not have a prominent bowtie?

A: No. Please contact the seller directly and ask them how prominent the bowtie is at various angles.