Concierge Service: Oval Diamond 1 ct

Type: Natural Diamond
Cut: Oval
Carat: from 1 ct to 1.5 ct
Color Range: Near Colorless (G-H-I-J)
Clarity: VS1-VS2
Message: Budget: $6,200 (to keep ring + setting below $7K) 
Specs I've been searching: 
Carat: 1 to 1.10 
Color: G and above 
Cut: GIA doesn't provide for ovals but "Very Good" and above (referenced from Blue Nile) 
Clarity: VS1 and above (unless VS2 and imperfections are not on the table) 
Depth: 57.9 to 62.1 
Table: 52.0 to 64.0 
Ratio: 1.34 to 1.51 
Girdle: Thin to slightly thick
Culet: None 
Polish: Excellent 
Symmetry: Excellent 
Bowtie: Can't really filter but as observably minimum as possible 
Fluorescence: Medium and below (but really up to you, I read this is always debated)


[with affiliate link]
colorclaritygrading report numbercaratfluorprice
1.00-Carat Oval Cut DiamondEVS2GIA 34458277811.00Faint$5,164
1.00-Carat Oval Cut DiamondEVS2GIA 14436345321.00Medium$5,393
1.05-Carat Oval Cut DiamondGVS2GIA 24445172111.05Faint$6,083

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Additional candidates with lower match scores

Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG