Concierge Service: Oval Cut Diamond In White Gold Halo Setting For Up To $4500

Type: Natural Diamond
Cut: Oval
Carat: from 1 ct to 1.50 ct
Color Range: Near Colorless (G-H-I-J)
Clarity: SI1-SI2
Message: $4200 budget for stone + ring (so like ~4500 with tax). Oval halo ring in white gold. Prefer H/SI1 but have been having a hard time. I/SI1 would also work. 
1.00 Carat, Oval Diamond
H Color, VS2 Clarity
Certified by EGL


Current diamond supply shortages makes this brief a fairly challenging one. The best one that I found, which is a very nice looking diamond, which fits within the budget is the one I link to above. While it is not GIA graded, it is the best available within the stated budget. EGL grades are not equivalent to GIA grades. Even if we consider this diamond to be the equivalent to a GIA I/SI1 it’s still a good deal. I think the clarity grade is bordering between SI1 and VS2 by GIA standards, so it’s probably why it was sent to EGL for grading.

For a GIA graded diamond the budget would need to be increased. But I deem the above stone to be a very nice choice and represents excellent bang-per-buck.

Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG