Concierge Service: Lab Created Radiant Diamond ~ 2.5-3.15 Ct

Type: Lab Created
Cut: Radiant
Carat: from 2.5 ct to 3.15 ct
Color Range: Colorless (D-E-F)
Clarity: VS1-VS2
Message: Looking for colorless, eye clean diamond. I would prefer a 1.45 ratio or higher… so 10.2x7, give or take. I have been told to lean towards GIA certified diamonds, but I’m not opposed to IGI. I have been looking for months on these websites, LGD, FriendlyDiamonds, RockHer, and more! Would like some expert help for most bang for my buck! Thank you in advance!

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DiamondGrading report numberMeasurementsL/W Ratio

GIA 143792971810.51 x 7.26 x 4.87 mm1.45
VendorsPriceAffiliate links2% promo code
$4,278.003.13 Ct lab created radiant diamond
E | VVS2
$4,463.003.13 Ct lab created radiant diamond
E | VVS2

Please be so kind as to let me know which one you choose, even if your final selection isn’t listed above.

I recommend a stone by combining a number of assessment factors including:

  • the stone’s proportions and angles
  • how confident I am that the recipient will absolutely love love love the diamond;
  • calculated level of light return
  • optical precision
  • good quality diamond material
  • the value I believe it represents;
  • must be deemed eye-clean by me;
  • how well it fits the brief.

For a beginner’s guide on how to choose a radiant diamond see GIA’s article on the topic:

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Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG

Why you will sometimes see the same diamond listed on different websites

The diamond industry has established a way of providing greater choice by having merchants list diamonds for sale without necessarily buying the diamond from the manufacturer first. Many sites list tens of thousands of diamonds for sale. The cost of holding that much inventory would be insanely prohibitive. For a diamond jeweler to purchase just ten 3 carat natural diamonds would mean an outlay of hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even half a million, depending on the quality characteristics. So while occasionally a diamond you want to buy may cease being available, the upside is that you have a huge amount of choice and diamond jewelers will offer you an alternative if the one you want gets snatched up before you get to it.