Concierge Service: Lab Created Oval Diamond 2-3 ct

Type: Lab Created
Cut: Oval
Carat: up to 3 ct
Color Range: Colorless (D-E-F)
Clarity: VVS1-VVS2
Message: I'd like to keep oval proportions within the excellent cut range. I'm also looking for a W/L ratio of 1.38-1.43.


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I recommend a stone by combining a number of assessment factors including:

  • the stone’s proportions and angles and how well they conform to AGS’ ideal standards.
  • the overall form of the cut as per GIA’s guidelines for ovals
  • how confident I am that the recipient will absolutely love love love the diamond;
  • calculated level of light return
  • optical precision
  • good quality diamond material
  • the value I believe it represents;
  • must be deemed eye-clean by me;
  • how well it fits the brief.

Here are the other stones which caught my eye but fell short of AGS’ ideal standards.


Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG