Concierge Service: Lab Created Diamond ~ 2.00-4.00 Ct

Type: Lab Created
Cut: Radiant, Round, Oval,
Carat: from 2 ct to 4 ct
Color Range: Unsure
Clarity: VS1-VS2
Message: I really want impact vs perfection. I actually like warmer diamonds, and don’t mind tiny inclusions you can only see inches away. I like radiant, round brilliant, and oval. Probably plan to set it in a simple setting. I’m not opposed to pink diamonds for a good price. 


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3.85 Carat Elongated Cushion lab diamond Fancy Vivid Pink Color | VS1 Clarity

IGI LG547270570$12,833
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2.51 ct G VVS2 Precision Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond
IGI LG502111174$7,150

2.41 E VS1 BG Premium Lab Grown Oval Diamond
GIA 1226750847$6,730brian gavin diamonds

Fancy Color Alternatives

Lab created reddish pink diamond: LGDFC1-3139 Video

Lab created orangeish pink diamond: LGDFC1-3187 Video

On warmer colors

Warmer lab diamonds tend to be made of poor diamond material that doesn’t sparkle well. I am including the above G color diamond only because it has been vetted for high quality diamond material.

On pink lab created diamonds

The vast majority of lab diamonds which have received a “pink” color grade are closer to orange or red. To find a lab diamond that truly looks pink like the above one is rare. I do not expect the above stone to remain on the market for long. If you like it, I strongly recommend getting it sooner rather than later.

On fancy color diamond cuts

Some shapes return light more efficiently which reduces apparent color. This is desirable when color is not wanted, however in fancy cuts the cutter needs to allow the color to remain apparent. The above fancy color diamond is cut in such a way to allow the color to be evident which is a commendable feat.

This service is provided for free. Please be so kind as to let me know which one you choose (even if your final selection isn’t listed above). Thank you so much!

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Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG