Concierge Service: Best Round Lab Created Diamond Under $4500 (Around 1.8 Ct)

Type: Lab Created
Cut: Round Brilliant
Carat: from 1.55 ct to 1.95 ct
Color Range: Colorless (D-E-F)
Clarity: VS1-VS2
Message: Hi, Thanks for your help with this. Desired specs: Minimum 1.5 ct but hoping for a little bigger like 1.6-1.8 range. Ideal cut if IGI/excellent if GIA or elsewhere that's the highest cut grade. Doesn't have to be hearts and arrows, just looking for a high quality cut with good sparkle. Cut is most important. And excellent symmetry and polish. Color G or better, Clarity VS2 or better - want it to be eye clean and appear colorless in most light, and not have inclusions that affect the stone's light performance/appearance. Ideal budget is 4500 for the stone but there's a little wiggle room if something seems too good to turn down.

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1.66 Carat Round Lab Diamond
D Color | VS1 Clarity

1.91 Carat Round Lab Diamond
E Color | VS1 Clarity

1.71 Carat Round Lab Diamond
E Color | VS2 Clarity

1.83 Carat Round Lab Diamond
D Color | VS1 Clarity

About These Diamonds

All of the above diamonds have proportions and angles which are required for AGS’ ideal cut grade of AGS 0.

The Selection Process

I assess diamonds for a number of factors including:

  • the AGS cut guidelines potential cut grade; What is AGS? See this article; The AGS cut grade takes into consideration fire, brilliance, contrast and light performance.
  • good contrast
  • optical precision
  • the value I believe it represents;
  • must be deemed eye-clean by me;
  • how well it fits the brief.

I only include a diamond I am confident the recipient will absolutely love.

Thanks for using my free diamond concierge service.

Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG