Concierge Service: Best Lab Created Oval Diamond [1.30 Ct, VVS Clarity, UK]

Type: Lab Created
Cut: Oval
Carat: from 1 ct to 1.30 ct
Color Range: Colorless (D-E-F)
Clarity: VVS1-VVS2
Message: 2400-3000 gbp band and stone oval best cut and fiery possible stone

1.30 ct D Color VVS2 Clarity
Lab Created Diamond

The above diamond has proportions and angles which are required for AGS’ Excellent cut grade. The American Gem Society (AGS) has developed a diamond grading system which is based on light performance. This is by far the most effective way of determining the cut quality of a diamond as the system takes into account the very advanced research conducted by both AGS and its sister organization GIA. See The Fascinating Science of Diamond Fire.

The Selection Process

I assess diamonds for a number of factors. For a diamond to be included in my recommendations it must have:

  • the required angles according to potentially qualify for AGS’ ideal/excellent cut grade;
  • good contrast
  • optical precision
  • high quality diamond material;
  • good value;
  • no visible inclusions (eye-clean);

I only include a diamond I am confident the recipient will absolutely love.

Thanks for using my free diamond concierge service.

Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG