Best 1.2 Carat G-VS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond

best 1.2 carat G VS2 excellent cut round diamond at

Today’s criteria was to find the best 1.2 ct diamond among the VS2 diamonds listed at

VS2 is a great area to look for value.

The inclusions may or may not be visible to the unaided eye.

JamesAllen makes it easy to scan through the images of all the diamonds that you r search brings up.

I used the following search parameters:

Color: G-F, Carat, 1.2-1.5, Clarity SI1-VS2

That search brought up 593 results.

Identifying the best cut diamond

I started scrolling, looking for a diamond that would stand out as having exceptional symmetry.

Nothing looked good for the first few dozen rows.

But then I reached this one:

I decided I didn’t have to look much further as this one is a real find.

Here are the full specs:

Shape: Round
carat weight: 1.22
color: G
clarity: VS2
cut: Excellent
polish: Excellent
symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None
l/w/d (mm): 6.89*6.86*4.16

l/w ratio: 1.00
depth %: 60.50
girdle: Slightly Thick – Slightly Thick
table %: 59.00
culet: None
certificate: GIA
crown ∠: 34.00
crown %: 14.00
pavilion ∠: 40.60
pavilion %: 42.50

Ideal Cut

The symmetry on this diamond is excellent and the specs all lay within the parameters to place it within those that GIA deems to be an Excellent cut grade.

The diamond’s light performance is evident in the image.

Though using the diamond’s image is not usually a good way to measure a diamond’s light performance, all the diamonds at James Allen are photographed under identical conditions, so when this diamond is compared to the others in the lineup it is obvious that this one does have better light return to the range of the camera’s lens.

Compared to the F diamond above it which is one color grade lighter, you can see that it has strong light return and no obvious inclusions.

Its symmetry really stands out as well. All indicators that this is definitely a strong contender as a good diamond if not the best one within its price range.

On close inspection of the GIA grading report we can see that the reason this diamond has received a VS2 clarity grade is due to the clouds which make up most of the inclusions in this diamond.

These inclusions are not directly under the table, but closer to the girdle.

Most VS2 diamonds have barely distinguishable inclusions and that is why it’s a good range to look in if you want an eye clean diamond.

Get personal advice now…

You can spend ages learning about diamonds and still be unsure about which one to choose.

Let me take the headache out of diamond shopping.

Send me a message with your specifications and I will find a diamond that is perfect just for you!

-Thomas Stevens, GIA Diamonds Graduate

Popular Engagement Ring Styles In 2018

Product Image
Blue Nile Studio Empress French Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum (1/3 ct. tw.)
Beautifully crafted, this platinum engagement ring features two French pavé-set bands that form a band that splits on the sides of the ring rather than at the front like a traditional split shank called a reverse split shank. $2,490


This ring is specially designed to accommodate the following center diamond shapes and sizes.
0.23 – 5.10
0.23 – 4.30
0.23 – 8.50
0.23 – 4.50
0.23 – 2.50
0.23 – 5.00
0.23 – 8.50
0.23 – 5.00
0.23 – 3.25
0.23 – 4.50

Product Image
French Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold (1/4 ct. tw.)
With the perfect hint of pink, this engagement ring showcases french pavé-set diamonds set in 14k rose gold that complement your choice of center diamond. $1,070
Product Image
Graduated Double Prong Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum (1/4 ct. tw.)
Capture your lasting love with this stunning platinum double-prong engagement ring that showcases an elegant drape of pavé-set diamonds around your center stone, along the subtly tapered shank, and inside the gallery for a captivating look. $2,090
Product Image
Hand-Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k White GoldExquisitely hand-engraved, this engagement ring features an intricate motif to showcase your center diamond in classic 14k white gold. $480
Product Image
Petite Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k Yellow GoldDelicate cathedral shoulders add classic elegance to this petite 14k gold solitaire engagement ring setting. $390
Product Image
Bezel Halo Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/2 ct. tw.)
A modern take on a classic halo style. The round brilliant center stone of your choice is nestled safely in a bezel setting, surrounded by a beautiful halo of pavé diamonds that extend down the shoulders of the band. $1,640
Product Image
Heirloom Petite Milgrain Engagement Ring in 14k White GoldVintage-inspired, this delicate 14k white gold engagement ring features 2 pavé-set round diamonds surrounded by a milgrain edge. $600
Product Image
Starburst Floral Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (2/3 ct. wt.)Ten round brilliant diamonds set in 14k white gold form a dazzling starburst halo around the center stone of your choice, while pavé-set diamonds adorn the shank. $1,960
Product Image
Knife Edge Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/3 ct. tw.)
This 14k white gold knife edge engagement ring features 4 rows of tiny pavé-set diamonds partway around the shank as the perfect compliment to the center diamond of your choice. $1,890
Product Image
Petite Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/10 ct. tw.)
Delicate and beautiful, this diamond engagement ring in 14k white gold features a half circle of sparkling petite micropavé diamonds to complement your center diamond. $790
Product Image
Graduated Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (2/5 ct. tw.)
Select your diamond of choice for this diamond engagement ring setting crafted in 14k white gold. $1,390
Product Image
Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k Rose GoldElegant in its simplicity, this petite solitaire crafted in 14k rose gold is a beautifully classic frame for your choice of center diamond. $360
Product Image
Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/3 ct. tw.)
Delicate in design, this diamond engagement ring showcases a cushion halo of pavé-set diamonds to frame the diamond of your choice set in enduring 14k white gold. $1,500
Product Image
Milgrain Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k White GoldDelicate milgrain accent styled to look like stitching graces the outer edge of this 14k white gold knife-edge engagement ring. A new way to look at milgrain. $540
Product Image
Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (2/5 ct. tw.)
Brilliance defined, this diamond engagement ring features round diamonds set in a split shank and halo design of 14k white gold. $1,890
Product Image
Blue Nile Studio French Pavé Diamond Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum (1/6 ct. tw.)
Beautifully crafted, this Blue Nile Studio platinum engagement ring features a french pavé-set diamond basket adorning the round diamond of your choice. $1,690
Product Image
Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/10 ct. tw.)
Declare your love with this fanciful 14k white gold engagement ring, highlighted by a floral motif of round diamonds complementing your choice of center diamond. $880
Product Image
Nouveau Knife Edge Six Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k White GoldStunningly simple, this solitaire engagement ring in 14k white gold is designed with a modern knife style edge to bring focus to your diamond. $455
Product Image
Floating Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/3 ct. tw.)
An elegant creation, this diamond engagement ring in 14k white gold showcases a thin line of micropavé-set diamonds that encircle your center diamond. Setting includes 1/4 carat total diamond weight. $1,190
Product Image
Petite Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/10 ct. tw.)
Complement your center diamond perfectly with this 14k white gold engagement ring accented with pavé-set diamonds along the shank. $690

7 Reasons To Buy A Natural Fancy Black Diamond

Natural Fancy Black Diamond cuts by
  1. Natural fancy black diamonds look beautiful! 
    bold yet beautiful black diamond jewelry
    Image courtesy of Leibish

    Not only do black diamonds look beautiful on their own, they look wonderful when set jewelry. You will find black diamonds to be quite versatile as they are used as the centerpiece in jewelry for both men and women. You can have black diamonds set in cufflinks, engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets and necklaces. Like all diamonds, you will find their beauty is enhanced when they are set in a piece of jewelry. This is of course the best way to enjoy any precious stone.  The framing of a black diamond in a finely crafted piece of jewelry is the perfect way to present your black diamond and enhances the uniqueness of your stone.

  2. Enhance your mystique with natural fancy black diamond jewelry!

    Black diamond jewelry by

    It’s not every day you see someone sporting a cool black diamond ring. Black diamonds stand out because they are not as easy to source as colorless diamonds. Not everyone knows about black diamonds, so when they realize you are wearing a black diamond it can really throw them off their game. Black diamonds are prized and sought after for their dark allure and artistic beauty. Are you the dark horse? Mysterious stranger? Use black diamond jewlery to enhance your mystique.

  3. Natural fancy black diamonds are the real deal!
    Natural fancy black diamonds were formed by natural processes. Their blackness is a result of graphite that is included in the diamond when the diamond material was formed. Natural fancy black diamonds are not artificially colored and are not processed to enhance their color.
  4. It’s easier to choose between natural fancy black diamonds!
    Natural Fancy black diamonds come in one color intensity: Fancy-Black. You won’t need to hem and haw between half a dozen variations of color intensity, fancy black diamonds are just that: fancy black. Other colors can be much harder to choose from and preferences between a number of fancy colored diamonds can be somewhat subjective. Natural fancy black diamonds are straightforward in this regard. There is just one Fancy Black color and it’s fancy black.
  5.  Black diamonds were once said to help clear up conflict!
    In ancient Italy, black diamonds were thought to represent reconciliation. They believed by touching a black diamond one could clear up misunderstandings and even quarrels would be patched up.
  6. Natural Fancy Black diamonds are more durable than other black gems.
    This is one of the reasons many people find it to be the best choice when adding a black stone to their jewelry collection. Black pearls, onyx, black sapphires, and black hematite do not offer the same durability that a diamond does. If you want to add a black gem to your collection you can’t go wrong with a black diamond. A diamond can be cut and faceted giving black diamonds their own distinctive luster and shimmering scintillation, even if it is different from its clear counterparts.
  7. Natural Fancy Black diamonds are often less expensive than you’d think.
    They may look expensive, but fancy color black diamonds are actually more affordable than most other fancy color diamonds. Fancy color black diamonds are often priced below or on par with clear diamonds.

    Select your stone and design a ring now
    Select your stone and design a ring. Click here now:

    Check out for all your fancy color diamond needs.

What is an eye-clean diamond? Is it SI1? VS1? VS2?

Eye-clean is a term that you’re bound to come across sooner or later once you start learning about diamonds.

Before dropping it into a conversation it’s good to know exactly what eye-clean is supposed to mean.

It’s basically this. Look at your hand. Yep, right now, go ahead. Take a look at your hand.

Did you do it? Good. Now tell me, how far did you hold your hand from your face? Was it about 9 to 12 inches away?

If so then there’s some great news.

You’re normal.

If not, don’t worry about it. Just do it again. I won’t tell anyone.

But yeah, less than a foot away, that’s about how far away from their face most people hold something they want to look at.

Now if there were something in your hand, say a diamond, you should be able to see it from this distance. Right?

Now if that said diamond was a real diamond it would probably have some very teeny tiny little specks in it. That’s perfectly normal.

Just about all diamonds have these little tiny specks.

The specks are minerals and crystals that somehow managed to get included in the carbon as the diamond formed deep in the earth a long long loooong long time ago. I know, wrong place, wrong time, but hey, now they are there to stay.

And they are part of the diamond’s story. Long story. But true story.

Those little tiny specks are called inclusions.

(Aaaaaaaahaaaa…, I get it, included –> inclusions, makes sense to me now)

So, back to that hand you are staring at with an invisible diamond held between your fingers.

If you can tell immediately with a single glance that this diamond has any inclusions at all, congratulations. You are holding a diamond that is probably a real diamond.

Yes, I know I just said that your imaginary diamond is a real diamond. But you know what I meant, right?

I’m talking about real diamonds that were formed deep underground, and then mined. These types of diamonds generally have inclusions.

Some don’t. But they are super rare. So rare in fact that if you had a bunch of diamonds heaped in a giant pile the size of a house you’d probably only find one or maybe two diamonds that don’t have any inclusions whatsoever.

Say what?

Yessirreee. Completely clear diamonds are very hard to come by. So guess what. They cost a pile of money. Almost as big as that house.

They even assign a set of letters to those diamonds to remind you that it’s a pretty chancy thing to get one of those diamonds. IF stands for Internally Flawless.

But I like to remember it like this:

“Honey, I got you a completely clear diamond!”

“As IF!”

Now some diamonds do have inclusions, but they are a little too small to see without getting out a magnifying glass.

And that’s where the term eye-clean comes from.

Now they could have called it “it-looks-clean-when-you-are-looking-at-the-diamond-with-your-naked-eye-like-a-normal-person-and-not-like-some-private-investigator-trying-to-find-something-suspicious”, but that one didn’t even make it into the slang dictionary.

Eye-clean is much easier to say, I guess.

Ok. So now that we know what the definition of eye-clean is, how can we know if a diamond is in fact eye-clean if we can’t get a look at the diamond?

It’s a valid question. Lots of diamonds are bought and sold over the Internet and it would be nice to know that the diamond we buy looks eye-clean.

I mean inclusions are nice and all because they are part of the diamond’s story, and make the diamond unique, and special, buuuut…

No one wants a diamond that makes you want to take a steel brush to it.

It’s gotta at least be eye-clean.

So how can we get an eye-clean diamond without paying the equivalent  of the cost of a house for it?