An Environmentally Sound Choice: 6 Reasons Why You Will Love Brilliant Earth

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How Brilliant Earth Differentiates Itself

Brilliant Earth exploded on the scene and really grabbed the world’s attention when they launched in 2005.

Their mission: To go above and beyond the Kimberly Process. This meant offering diamonds selected for their responsible origins.

1. Beyond Conflict Free™

The Kimberly Process was an important step in preventing the sale of blood diamonds.

Brilliant Earth wanted to go further.

They decided to set themselves apart by not only offering diamonds which do not finance war lords but where the businesses involved are protecting against human rights abuses, minimize environmental degradation, maintain safe labor practices, and support community development.

2. Diamonds Sources

Brilliant Earth has invested a great deal of effort into offering diamonds which are not tainted by violence, human rights abuses, poverty, and environmental degradation.

To fine tune your diamond search you can choose to be shown diamond from some specific countries of origin.

This is made possible by Brilliant Earth’s chain of custody protocols.

These are designed to provide you with more transparency and greater confidence in claims regarding the origin of a diamond.

This is how they carefully vet and approve each diamond supplier.

Brilliant Earth can therefore determine if the supplier has the necessary capabilities to track diamond origin.

The diamond suppliers have to demonstrate they can conform to chain of custody protocols.

This way the supply chain can be verified.

These suppliers are required to source diamonds that originate from specific mine operators who follow internationally recognized labor, trade, and environmental standards.

3. You Can Choose a Diamond with an Origin Report

Brilliant Earth offers, upon selection, a range of diamonds with a GIA Diamond Origin Report.

This means the diamond has been tracked from its source to its final polished state with some fancy high tech fingerprinting systems.

Browse Brilliant Earth’s GIA Origin Report Diamonds

4. You can Choose a Recycled Diamond

In this day and age it’s a must to think about our footprint on the ecology.

One way of doing that when it comes to diamonds is to buy a preowned stone from Brilliant Earth.

These are natural diamonds which have been reintroduced into the diamond inventory.

Since they have been repurposed, buying one of these diamonds means no new mining was required for you to own a beautiful stone.

Browse Brilliant Earth’s Recycled Diamonds

5. You can Choose a Diamond With Sophisticated High Tech Traceability

Brilliant Earth’s brand is all about doing our best to enjoy the finer things in life while acting responsibly and not contributing to the less savory things that have been associated with diamond mining and trade.

Brilliant Earth therefore offers a way to be 100% certain as to the provenance of a diamond.

They offer blockchain traceable diamonds in partnership with Everledger, an industry-leading Blockchain technology enterprise to securely track gemstone origin.

This is as solid a reassurance as you can get.

Browse Brilliant Earth’s Blockchain Enabled Diamonds

6. You can Choose a Lab Created Diamond

Brilliant Earth is undoubtedly one of the biggest influencers in bringing lab grown diamonds to the world’s attention.

They were one of the first to recognize that there was a demand and they provided a platform which made it easy to access a huge selection of lab created diamonds.

By offering diamonds with a lab grading report they showed respect for consumers’ desire for lab grown diamonds.

Buying a stone with a grading report allows you to choose lab created diamonds according to your preferred color and clarity.

Browse Brilliant Earth’s Lab Created Diamonds

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